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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Get Comprehensive Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Manual Translation Services

International business scenario makes it mandatory to understand the language of different countries, but this is simply not possible. Acquiring a mastery over other language is the most herculean task, but the work must go on. Here the need of a translator arises. Professional translation services provide translators who have acquired mastery in the desired language like French, German, Chinese, and Italian and so on. You can get a translation service as per your business requirement. A good translator should be well acquainted not with the conventional languages, but he or she should also have mastered in strong business language.

Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Translation Service

Translation companies work with professional translators who have translation degrees and a minimum 5 years of experience. A professional translator specializes in a particular field such as legal translation, humanitarian translation, marketing translation, technical translation, environmental translation, business translation, environmental translation and so on. A good translator can translate even the most difficult task with complete accuracy.

Translation companies also use computer assisted translation tools but this does not mean that your translation work is getting translated with machines and computer tools rather computer-assisted translation tools are very strong that help human translator to translate effectively and accurately.

International companies are operating in varied countries need translators for the smooth flow of business. Chinese translators are more demandable. If you are looking for such Hong Kong traditional Chinese manual translation services then you should rely only on professional and reputed translation companies. CTCTranslate is a well know company that offers translation services to varied clients in varied languages. The company has in house top of the line translators who are well versed in specific languages ​​and have professional degrees. They are also highly experienced so that the end customer receives only flawless services. No matter what kind of translation service you want with them, you will get all. They hold expertise in legal translation and verification, instructional manual and technical document translation commercial and financial document translation, business proposals and bank report translation, press releases and commercial contracts translation. Outsourcing your translation work definitely save you a great deal of money as hiring a full time translator cost you much more.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hire Freelance Cantonese Translator for Right Communication

Hong Kong is one of the best developed cities in this world. It is a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China. The official language of this city is Chinese and English. Many western countries have their offices and outlets in this part of China and hence knowing Chinese languages ​​is a must. If you want to do business in Hong Kong, you have to understand the local languages ​​as it will help you to gain foothold in the market. Many people find the Chinese languages a tricky ones and overcoming the language barriers is really a daunting task. It is a well know fact that no talking and no understanding means poor business. If you take a closer look at the Chinese languages, you will find that they are unique languages and the culture of Hong Kong and other parts of china is quite different from the rest of the world. In fact, the language is always confusing for the foreign enterprises. That is why you need a good translation service provider for assistance in translation.

cantonese translation team

Role of freelancing translators: 

In the ever-evolving world of the internet, handling freelance translation projects is a big challenge because competition is fierce To be a skilled translator offering quality freelance translation services, you are required to master both source and target languages. The translator must follow the strict code of ethics and should have the capacity to adapt to the fast moving world of technology. It is truly a complex world out there as there are so many different languages ​​and it is quite difficult to understand. It is surely the job of freelancing translators to bring us all back together again under one roof. 

Get experienced translator: 

If you are one SUCH Company That Needs to Translate Documents Written in Cantonese into English or Vice versa, you Need a qualified Translator Finding a good translation Company or a qualified freelance Translator Cantonese is not an Easy Task Actually, Sometimes, you really do not know if it is good or bad even after the translation task or project is over, simple because you have no idea what those beautiful Chinese characters on the paper say. A professional translator will do the job in a right way. You can get the message across to your audience with the help of an experienced Cantonese translator. 

Look for qualified team: 

If there is Various Documents Need to Translate into Hong Kong Traditional Chinese in Order to Meet requirements of your employees, customers and Users in Hong Kong; Then Hire the best translation Hong Kong; a professional Cantonese translation HAS Company That Will Ensure a qualified Team highest quality standards in translation process. The team will be headed by a project manager. Translation will be done through a structured methodology, wherein it is broken into small sections, each of which is given to a team member. All the terms are researched and verified before using it. With right amount of experience, your translation work will be good and it will serve your business purpose in a big way. 

If you are in Hong Kong, you should understand both Chinese and English. If you do not know these languages, your business will be in a spot of bother as you will have trouble in communicating with your audience. You can hire a freelance translator to Translate your Various types of Documents. You CAN Hire a freelance Cantonese Translator to Translate your Documents into Cantonese.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Glossaries of Terms Commonly Used in Government Departments

Glossaries of Terms Commonly Used in Government Departments

If you translate the contents related to government, you may use the following site for searching the official translation of the terms:

On this webpage, you may select the following categories for exact searching:

Agriculture and Fisheries
Public Health
Civil Service
Housing and Land
Public Order
Constitutional and Electoral Affairs
Social Welfare
Culture, Recreation and Sport
Information Technology
Town Planning
Trade and Industry
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Medical and Health
Environmental Protection
Water Supply
Postal Services

It is quite useful for translating government documents.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Medical dictionary On-Line for Hong Kong Chinese

Medical dictionary On-Line for Hong Kong Chinese

Currently there are various medical contents that need to be translated from English to Hong Kong Chinese. For example, new medicine registration, medical devices, and healthcare equipment etc.

I found one on-line medical dictionary is very useful, so I give the link below for any translators to use:

There some example terms:

Medical Terms in English中文翻譯
'B' class bed「乙」級病床
'medical audit'「醫療評核」
'nursing audit'「護理評核」
(Acute) Poisoning(急性)中毒
1,1,1-Trichloroethane (Methyl chloroform)1,1,1-三氯乙烷(甲基氯仿)
1,2-Diaminoethane (Ethylenediamine)1,2-二胺基乙烷(乙二胺)
1,2-Dichloroethane (Ethylene dichloride)1,2-二氯乙烷(二氯化乙烷)
1,4-Dioxan (Dioxan)1,4-二氧陸圜(二噁烷)
1,5-Naphthylene diisocyanate1,5-撐二異氰酸酯
1-Butanol (n-Butyl alcohol)1,3-丁醇(正丁醇)
1-Chloro-2,3-epoxy propane (Epichlorohydrin)1-氯代-2,3-環氧丙烷(表氯醇)
1-Methyl-4-phenylpiperidine-4-carboxylic acid1-甲基-4-苯基啶-4-羧酸
10-Hydroxy-2-decylenic acid10-羥基-2-癸烯酸
1st class頭等
2,2'-Iminodi(ethylamine) (Diethylene triamine)2,2*-亞胺基二乙基胺 (二乙撐三胺)
'B' class bed「乙」級病床
1,2-Dichlorobenzene (o-Dichlorobenzene)1,2-二氯苯(鄰二氯苯)
1,4-Dichlorobenzene (p-Dichlorobenzene)1,4-二氯苯(對二氯苯)
1-Butanol (n-Butyl alcohol)1,3-丁醇(正丁醇)
1-Methyl-4-phenylpiperidine-4-carboxylic acid1-甲基-4-苯基啶-4-羧酸
2-Butanol (sec-Butyl alcohol)2-丁醇(仲丁醇)
2-Butanone (Methyl ethyl ketone) (MEK)2-丁酮(甲基乙基甲酮)
2-Butoxyethanol (EGBE)2-丁氧基乙醇
2-Hexanone (Methyl n-butyl ketone)2-己酮 (甲基正丁基甲酮)
2-Methyl-3-morpholino-1,1-diphenyl-propanecarboxylic acid2-甲基-3-嗎酮-1,1-二苯基丙烷羧酸
2-Methylpropan-2-ol (tert-Butyl alcohol)2-甲基丙-2-醇(叔丁醇)
3,3'-Dimethoxybenzidine (o-Dianisidine)3,3*-二甲氧基聯苯胺(鄰聯茴香胺)
3-Heptanone (Ethyl butyl ketone)3-庚酮(乙基丁基甲酮)
4-Phenylpiperidine-4-carboxylic acid ethyl ester4-苯基啶-4-羧酸乙酯

ABC routine基本常規
Abdomen; belly
abdomianl distension鼓脹
abdominal abscess腹腔膿腫
Abdominal binder腹帶
abdominal cavity腹腔
abdominal distention腹脹
abdominal examination腹診
Abdominal injuries腹部創傷
abdominal mass腹部腫塊
abdominal mass積聚
abdominal membrane腹膜
abdominal pain腹痛
abdominal pain during pregnancy妊娠腹痛
Abdominal paracentesis腹腔穿刺術
abdominal pressure腹部壓力
abdominal swelling and tenderness腹部有瘤腫及觸痛
abdominal trauma腹部創傷
Abetalipoproteinemia/Bassen-Kornzweig Syndrome血β-脂蛋白缺乏症
Absorbable surgical sutures羊腸線
acid-base balance酸鹼平衡
acupuncture based on Midnight-Noon Cycle of Qi子午流注針法
acute back strain急性背部扭傷
adhesive bandage黏著繃帶
AIDS Awareness Ambassador愛滋病宣傳大使〔A戰士〕
Alkaloids of Calabar bean毒扁豆生物鹼
Alkaloids of Sabadilla沙巴達生物鹼
Alkaloids of Yohimba育亨賓植物生物鹼
Almitrine and Raubasine阿米三/蘿巴新
Ambu Bag resuscitator安寶膠囊復蘇器;面罩復蘇器
ammonifying bacteria氨化細菌
Amobarbital Sodium異戊巴比妥鈉

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hong Kong Chinese and Mainland Chinese Translation of Financial Terms

Hong Kong Chinese and Mainland Chinese Translation of Financial Terms

Today I would like share Hong Kong Chinese and Mainland Chinese Translation of Financial Terms. From this comparison, you can see the much difference between them.

English Hong Kong China mainland
above par 高於面值 溢价
accumulate 累積 积累
arbitrage 神仙股 香港专有用语,指涨跌幅 很大的股票
at-the-money 平價 等价
auditing 核數 审计
auditor 核數師 审计师
average daily turnover 平均每日成交額 平均日成交额
basic factors 基本因素 基本面
basis point 點子 基点
block trade 大手交易 大额交易
board lot 买卖单位
brokerage firm 經紀行 券商;证券商
buy order 買盤 买单委托;买方指令;买入委托
capital formation 籌集資金 募集资金
clearing 結算 清算
client account 客戶戶口;客戶帳戶 委托人账户
closing price 收市價 收盘价
compulsory liquidation 強制清盤 强制清算
convertible bond 可換股債券 可转换债券
corporate governance 企業管治 公司治理
corporate raider 企業狙擊手 企业狙击者
coupon rate 票面息率;票面利率 票面利率
coupon yield 債券孳息;債券息率 债息收益
day trade transaction 即日鮮 当天交易;即日平仓买卖
delisting 除牌 摘牌
deposit 按金 押金;保证金
depositary receipt 預托證券 存托凭证
directors' fee 董事袍金 董事费;董事报酬
discharge of a debt 清償債項 解除债务
disclosure of interests 披露權益 权益披露
discount 折讓 折价
dividend 股息 红利;股利;股息
equilibrium price 平衡價格 均衡价格
Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) 交易所買賣基金 交易所交易基金
ex-date 除淨日 除权日
exempt dealer 獲豁免交易商;獲免註冊交易商 豁免注册自营商
exercise 行使 行权
exercise date 行使日期 行权日期
floor trader; authorised clerk 出市員 出市代表
forced liquidation 斬倉 被迫抛售
fund unit holder 基金單位持有人 基金份额持有人
grey market price 暗盤買賣 灰市交易
heavyweight stock 重磅股;重量級股票 重仓股;权重股
hedging 對沖 对冲交易;套利交易;套期保值
hold for long term 長摣 长期持有
information vendors 信息供應商 信息供货商
intermediary 仲介人 金融中介机构
in-the-money 價內 较现价有利
issue price 招股價 发行价
laggard 落後股 补涨股
large position reporting system 大額持倉申報制度 大户报告制度
limit order 限價盤 限价委托
long position 長倉;好倉 多头仓位
long squeeze 挾好倉 多杀多;轧多;轧多头
long; short 做好;做淡 做多;做空
low priced stock 毫子股 香港专有用语,指股价低于 港币1元,但高于港币1角的股票
margin account 孖展戶口 保证金账户
margin call 補倉;追收孖展 追加保证金通知
market focus 市場焦點 市场热点
market misconduct 市場失當行為 市场不当行为
minimum subscription fee 入場費 投资起点;认购起点
monthly statement 月結單 每月对账单
mutual fund 互惠基金 共同基金
nominal price 按盤價 名义价格
odd lot 碎股 零股
open a position 開倉 建仓
open high at gap 裂口高開 跳空高开
opening price 開市價;開盤價 开盘价格
optimist 好友;看好股市者 多方
order confirmation 覆盤 确认指令;执行委托回报
order matching 對盤 报价撮合;对盘
out-of-the-money 價外 较现价不利
ownership 擁有權 所有权
penny stock 仙股 香港专有用语,指股价低于 港币1毫(10分)的股票。
percentage gain 升幅 涨幅
physical script 實物股票;實股 实券
placing order 落盤 下单
pre-market opening session 開市前議價時段 集合竞价时段
price-sensitive information 股價敏感性資料 股价敏感性信息
profit warning 盈利警告;盈警 利润警告
prospectus 招股書 招股说明书
risk disclosure statement 風險披露聲明 风险披露书
scalping 老鼠倉活動;食價 抢帽子;倒卖;投机倒把
scrip issue; issue of bonus share 紅股派送 送股
sector 行業 板块
sell order 賣盤 卖单委托;卖方委托;卖出委托
selling hedge 沽空對沖 卖出保值
settlement 交收 交割;交收
share registrar 股份過戶登記處 股份登记处;证券登记机构
share repurchase 股份購回 股份回购
short position 短倉;淡倉 空头;短仓
short position 空倉 空仓;空头
short squeeze 挾淡倉 空杀空;轧空
small cap stock 細價股 小盘股
split 股份拆細 股份拆细;分拆;分割
squeeze 震倉 震盘;轧空头
squeezed 被挾倉;被逼倉 被迫仓
stagnant market 牛皮 (市況狀態) 箱体
stock code 股份代號 股票代码
stock trading at $100 or above 紅底股 香港专有用语,指股价超过 港币100元的股票
stop order; stop-loss order 止蝕盤 止损委托
strong market 走勢強勁 盘坚
subscription of new stock 新股認購 申购新股
support level; supportive level 支持位;支持區 支撑线
tied up 大閘蟹;被縛 套牢;多头套牢;空头套牢; 给套住
trader's vest 紅背心 红马甲
trading at narrow ranges 好淡爭持 多空争夺
trading booth 交易櫃位元 交易席位;交易单元
warrant 窩輪;權證 权证
weak market 市況疲弱 盘软