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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

CTCTranslate - a Translator Team with Great Ideal

CTCTranslate - a Translator Team with Great Ideal
CTCTranslate is a Hong Kong Chinese Translator Team in Hong Kong, but we have a great deal.
Our dream is to build a great platform for all of our translators. On this platform, translators could not only improve their translation ability constantly through their hard work in varous translation projects, but also get their ideal rewards. Futhermore, it is a place where they could learn what they want to learn, they could grow up with the help of colleagues and they could realize their dreams!

To realize this dream, all of our top management members must  make the greatest efforts to operate this company.
Firstly, we must make the practiceable marketing and selling strategies, making most of Furtune 500 companies, such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe, etc. know us, especially, our advantages in Hong Kong Chinese translation and the benefits we could bring to them, making them believe in us and rely on us.
Secondly, we must increase our price via providing value-added translation service to our clients. That means the client could save their translation fee or increase their product price by using our translation service. Thus, we must provide the best quality translation service, otherwise, it is impossible for them to use a low quality service with high price.
Thirdly, we must reduce all of uncessary costs.

To realize this dream, all of our top management members must regard all of our translators as their students or family members, thus, we could think how to train our translators to be competent translators, how to improve our transaltors to be professional translators and how to direct them to run in the right way, and we could give them the time and space for them to learn, improve and realize their own dreams.

To realize this dream, all of employees in the company must work together in the same direction and strive for the same goal.

To realize this dream, it is not easy, but we will exert ourselves to realize it, making our company be a company that most of translators would like to join it.

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