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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

CTCTranslate - a Small Translation Agency with Bigger Dreams

Small Translation Agency with Bigger Dreams

CTCTranslate is a small Hong Kong Translation Agency, but we have bigger dreams.

Our dream is to work as a "translation department" of bigger companies,such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe and so on, which have the demands to translate their documents, website, products etc. to Hong Kong Chinese, with our top-quality translation service.

To realize this dream, all of our team members must  have top quality consciousness. Only the top quality translation service could match the brand image of the bigger clients. If the translation quality is bad, it is impossible for them to use this kind of service, because it will influence the reputation of the companies in their employee, customers and end-users. 

To realize this dream, we must adopt the standard operation procedures (SOP) so as to keep in line with the requirements of the bigger companies.  The reason for the bigger company to be a bigger company, one of the factors is that they adopt SOP in their company. If we do not adopt SOP, it is obviously we cannot be their translation department. Since we have been certified by ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System, we should implement our SOP in every points of our work.

To realize this dream, we shall overcome every difficulties we will meet in daily work. Every bigger company must have its various detailed and specific requirements, and some of them is easy to carry out, but some of them may be quite time-consuming and difficult to perform. We cannot pick up the easy ones and give up difficult ones, otherwise, it is impossible for them to take you as their "translation department".

To realize this dream, it is not easy, but we will exert ourselves to take this challenge.

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